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The Jesus PurposeWhat if you could live your remaining life feeling completely full? Full of energy, passion, and direction . . . You have only one chance to find your destined purpose in this life. Time is your most valuable resource and this world is vying for your attention in each and every moment. Professional, personal, and spiritual balance is becoming more difficult to maintain as you are constantly bombarded by the needs and distractions of your unique world. Amidst the surrounding chaos and constant pressure to achieve, something within you desperately desires to find hope and know peace; a quiet voice calls for you to know a critical truth.

The revealing of this personal truth is found in The Jesus Purpose, a nonfiction journey of faith and knowledge applicable to people in all walks of life. Inside the personally transparent pages of this hoped-filled story, William Thrasher highlights the key to finding hope and peace in this one-chance life. The result of this exploration delivers a specific revelation to the heart of what every person questions deep within. What is this life all about? What is the purpose of life? Answers to these life impacting questions are revealed within The Jesus Purpose: Born to Die, Created to Live.

This is not your normal Christian self-help book. In a “non-preachy” manner, from a counter-culture perspective, The Jesus Purpose looks beyond typical religious practices and uncovers a revolutionary point of view to who Jesus was, is, and WILL BE.


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