We have done a terrible job in tying the idea of “forgiveness of sins” directly to the word, “saved”. These two things are not related in the way they are typically tied to one another.

We cannot, in any way, dictate the terms regarding the forgiveness of sin. If we could, the cross would be worthless. How can my or your or anyone else’s condition of belief or acceptance change the universally impacting actions of Jesus, through whom all things are made and all things are sustained?

– Simply stated; It can’t.

Salvation is another concept altogether. The Bible is not shy about the language of salvation and being saved… But, we must ask, “saved from what”?

The common 21st century answer is, the burning of eternal conscience torment in the spiritually-separated lake of hell-fire and everlasting anguish of your fully exposed soul…

Sure, God is love… but, salvation has now become, being saved from God’s eternal rejection of you.

This is the discordant message of the modern church… “God has offered ‘unconditional‘ love and forgiveness of sin to save you from what He will do to you if you don’t believe it properly.”

What a load of illogical, mindbending bullsquirt.

Biblical salvation is not one bit about being saved from God and His impending retributive wrath… But rather, salvation being saved into God (including His into purifying wrath) through the person of Jesus.

99% of Biblical “salvation” or “saving” has nothing to do with what we think it does. Most of it has to do with a very literal salvation from a very real, forthcoming destruction of everything the Jewish world had become… this happened within the very generation of the people it was written to, just like Jesus said it would.

The good news is that is all past…

Now, God’s Truth has been fully exposed. You have zero ability to change God’s mind about you. Jesus, on the cross, is God’s mind, fully made up about you.

You never again have to worry about being ‘saved‘… that particular prophetic scripture has likely already taken place.

Belief in this type of truly unconditional forgiveness will change your world. It will change what you do, how you speak, how you love, how you live, how you see others, how you work… You will be made anew.

It is by this belief that you have been fully rescued by unbreakable, everlasting grace, where you awaken to the reality of “personal salvation”… not from God, but delivered right back into Him, forever.



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