Polarization is the name of the game in our broken world.

What better way to distract and consume focus than to pit our minds on the objects of earthly division?

Here is bottom line, eternal truth… You are called to be divided, but not in how we generally act or think. You are called to be removed from this game of division completely… You are created to be divided; divided from within the perimeters of this experienced physical, observable, and testable universe.

You witness, participate, and are wholly immersed in divisions of humanity’s making:

Left vs. Right, Black vs. White, Dawgs vs. Jackets…

…Good vs. Evil

These splits of humanity will never offer true peace, rest, or purpose in life.

There is a deeper place you are called to, and when compared to the strongest of earthly relationships, it compares as would hate to what we hold onto the tightest – your family, your friends, your wealth. In other words, what you love the most should be so far loved beyond anything else that you’re freed to abandon it all completely.

In order to live this removed life we must learn to progressively change our perspectives, our focus of mind. That is the division you are created for. You are called to look from outside of your circumstances, history, and indoctrination. In order to love this broken world properly, we must witness life from the perspective of those who need our love the most, but reside from outside of it.

In time, this separation of mind allows us to become love as we are loved by love. We must shed our point-of-views and live inside of this broken, twisted, messed up place with the mind of abandoning our preconceptions and possessions, adopting a new, external mind of eternal freedom.

This is a state of being and it can only be found in one place. This has been the calling of your spirit from the dawn of time itself. Become set apart from a world of division and learn to know perfect freedom…

…learn to experience the embodiment of mercy…

…learn to live as you are in fearless grace.



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