What’s the difference between good and great?
This is a very common question when dealing with professional athletes or art or business.
What are the differentiating factors between the good and the very best?
In regards to Holy week, I know that it is without doubt, good…. very good.
Anytime people are focused of the life and message of Jesus, I’m not sure that is ever a bad thing.
That all stated, could it be better?
The cultural church has given us a road-map, if you will, of Jesus’s last week to help us connect with the passion of Jesus and his sacrifice on the cross: Palm Sunday, Tenebrae, Maudy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday are the main days of focus and remembrance.
Again – none of these are bad in any way that I can point to. They offer amazing insight and focused time to remember and connect with our redeemer.
But, my counterculture question to you is this: Are they truly accurate?
In my fairly comprehensive study over this Holy Week, I have to say, not really.
Focusing on Good Friday as the foremost example, it is almost a conclusive certainty, from an historical perspective, that Jesus’s crucifixion took place on Thursday, not Friday.
Does this really matter? – YES!!!
Thursday would have been day on the eve of the forthcoming Passover celebration, beginning at Sunset Thursday into Friday.
As the lambs were being slaughtered in the temple, Jesus was hanging on the cross – blood being poured out in both arenas of sacrifice simultaneously; perfectly aligning thousands of years of prophecy into one cataclysmic moment.
Thursday allows for three sunrises to take place before Sunday morning, completely fulfilling the prophecy Jesus himself made for the Temple to be rebuilt in three days.
We have to want to know such specific points. We have to dig to know such key details.
If we are not mindful, we can totally miss such wonderful imagery because of typical religious practice. We can allow the regimented process of our reverence to supersede the wondrous picture God was painting in the perfect association of the sacrificial lambs with The Sacrificial Lamb; a concept which is almost too overwhelming to fully consume it is so good.
This is the difference between good and great.
God has defined many things as good. He has defined you as “Very Good”. He wants your relationship and love for Him to become GREAT!
To do so, you might have to desire and dig… but it is always worth it.
So today, at dusk, know that Jesus said, “It is Finished”, and those may be the Greatest words ever spoken.


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