Laws… all laws, have one thing in common. They must be enforced by a means of threat based in non-equal punishment. This mindset is the dualistic, legal, conditional (included/excluded) basis for all government and also for all religion.

Any law which is supported, by logical conclusion must also thereby supported by its equaled/unequaled punishable enforcement. To be effective the punishment must, at minimum, be equal-to the committed infraction. But moreover, by a nature of intended threat, it should strive to exceed theĀ outlined infraction, substantially providing a weight of recourse which outweighs the perceived personal worth of the baseline infraction.

For example, if one commits robbery of a bank for $1,000 of collected value… The threat and execution of its associated punishment must be of personal value greater than that of the $1,000, stolen. Here, the punishment exceeds the fitting of the crime, creating a mindset of unworthiness to the one who might consider this as a worthwhile option. Thus this system controls each individual’s motivation by hard-line boundaries and legal threat within the governed society. Every person is each presumed and prejudged to have a natural propensity of inclination driven from a state of total depravity… being solely motivated as naturally unlawful, by birthed Adamic likeness.

The problem we have as followers of Jesus, is this archaic model not only is the polar opposite of what the Cruciform Christ reveals, but it also mandates the belief that human beings are naturally inclined to favor inequitable punishment and institutional control, over the apocalyptic incarnation of immeasurable grace and complete freedom… the Christ.

This idea of natural, total depravity stands in bold accusatory opposition to scripture’s opening chapters, which clearly state this dualistically driven mindset is NOT our natural inclination, but rather seeded and grown from a foreign, unnatural toxin of a blinded, shadowed, or veiled (covered) knowledge, which manifests its own ungodly system of threat by punishment, (i.e law, and death).

If our faith is truly in Christ Jesus, who is the unveiling, enlightening, sight-restoring hope of humanity, and in him the law is truly fulfilled (along with whatever unequal punishment it brings) as the scriptures say, then as it was with Adam being responsible for the inclusion of all into this unnatural system and identity of legal binding, would not also be the conclusion for Christ bringing the same all out of such a perverted system and identity?

Of course! And so it is!!!

In Jesus, humanity is fully restored to our original identity, realizing our purpose is feasting only at the Tree of Life, with no consideration of legal-based punishment whatsoever. This is not just for limited some, those who have personally crossed some legal/conditional line… No, everyone and everything is included in this divine act of salvation!

Many who claim to follow Jesus in faith, believe that this is an audaciously dangerous way to believe; thinking that such unconditionally poured out kindness and unadulterated mercy to all mankind will only lead to greater brokenness and depravity. They yearn for some sense of threat to continue to reside within, believing in that poisoned fruit to sustain their lives… They cling to some sense of punishment for those who won’t agree with this rancid mindset.

These unbelieving minds toward grace and truth, would rather return to a conditional state of relationship with the incarnate divinity revealed as Christ, and maintain some self-based condition for divine worthiness. But, this is not the revealed Truth that scripture points us to and these are exact type mindsets which Jesus said he would not know, and did not know him.

Christ alone is the Truth of both God’s nature and our nature. Despite millennia of religious and political countering perspectives, this unconditional grace is the best news we can possibly believe… It proclaims that God is nothing like what human legality leads us to… God is nothing like what human governance continues to pervert… God is nothing like what human religion conditionally demands.

The gospel rips through the veil between heaven and earth and exposes a God looks precisely like Jesus… a man who always told the teachers of religious law that they were living as children of the fatherless accuser, and who told the depraved sinners that they will find no condemnation from him and were his co-heirs of divinity.

There are no laws in against the fruits of His Spirit. We must have our mindsets renewed!

It never was and never will be in humanities’ nature to respond to threat of law… It has always been humanities’ divinely reflected nature, to change and grow only in response to unconditional, audacious, beautiful grace.



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