As we enter this hectic season of thanks, it’s traditional to take time and recognize the things we are grateful for. We reflect on our blessings of family, friendship, provision, comfort, and faith. This is a good practice as it aligns our hearts and minds, not onto the to-dos of each pressing day, but rather focusing on why we put forth effort in the first place.

Have you ever stopped to consider what God is thankful for?

We often feel like God has an expectation for us to be better versions of ourselves; that we need to be better spouses, parents, workers, friends, servants.

What if you learned today that God was not interested in a better performing you, but simply grateful (full of grace) for you? What if your heart could begin to open to the idea of being passionately loved by the Creator of the universe? What if you had zero obligation of doing to receive blessings from God?

You see, if we as people have any measure of effort to find right standing in this life, our faith is not a gift, it’s merely a transaction. Sure, we’re “thankful” when we buy something at the grocery store, for their role in the transaction, but it is part of an equal exchange.

What God offers is not an exchange at all. God paid for you, in full, through Jesus. It is 100% finished. There is nothing you can do to earn this love— to earn His blessing.

Imagine the same grocery store we just visited, loved you so much—was so thankful for you, that they offered to you a lifetime coupon. This token of thanks is redeemable for all they have, anytime you want or need, never expires, and 100% free? No obligation. No small-print. Simply a gift of perfect grace.

How full of thanks would you be to them?

This! This is how God offers his love and blessings to you. There is no earning it. There is just receiving it and experiencing it. So know this today: God is full of thanks for you. Let this word of Love and Truth flow through you, filling you up. It will bring rest for your hectic soul and overflow you with true thankfulness!




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