World renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, has recently made an amazing claim; he believes it feasible that we are living inside of some sort of Matix-like simulation program (Link).

Inside of faith based communities, Dr. Tyson has become somewhat of a polarizing enemy.

His unabashed outspokenness against faith and religion has made him an easy target to label and criticize. The challenge for so many is that this is a highly educated, brilliant well-versed man. He’s not just a pseudo-celebrity posing as a scientist… he actually is one.

There’s an entire growing populous who strongly align with the perspective that Mr. Tyson holds on tightly to – people who seek their foundations of truth in the observable and measurable. This is a mindset where the ability to imagine, test, rationalize, and draw valid conclusions will lead to real truth. Sure, in their understandings of religious faith, their primary reaction is skepticism. I for one don’t think this is an inherently flawed line of thinking.

In fact, I wish people of “faith” were more skeptical… We need to question more.

We need to stop following people, just because they have something to say and they say it with passion. We need to “test everything, and hold onto what is good”.

So, when a man as qualified as this comes out as says that he believes it is plausible that we lived in some sort of preprogrammed closed environment… I say we should listen! We should test this line of thinking!

This is an amazing spark of revelation from a highly qualified man. If this world, this universe is a program, than the logical conclusion is this:

There must be a programmer!

I am a programmer. I have written code. I have created that which did not exist prior and made it have function and purpose. I have tested it, adjusted it, refined it, and observed it. Without me, it would not be. It could not be.

Taking Dr. Tyson’s statement on its surface value is a sneak-peek into the door of his mind’s understanding. This man, who has looked into the inner workings of this universe more deeply than many of us could even begin to fathom, sees the requirement for a programmer; an entity greater than the program itself – a Creator.

There is hope for everyone and he/she who passionately seeks will be led to the Way, the Truth, the Life…

…to use another parallel from the Matrix, if they truly seek, they will be led to “The One”.



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