There’s a trend in some theological circles to make the case that God is non-violent because Jesus was non-violent.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I totally disagree.

Jesus was the most violent man to ever walk this earth. He just happened to direct all of his wrath against that which separates you from your Creator – and not other people.

Our Creator is full of anger, vengeance, wrath, rage, and jealousy… it is not difficult to find language and imagery to backup these emotions of the Triune. We as people interpret Their rage as we internalize and focus ours.

You see, we get frustrated at people, and we want them to pay for their transgressions. Despite what we are often told about God and his wrath – we (spirit filled people) are NOT the focus of it.

Jesus came and took the most violent stand in history.

He took on all of human brokenness, including the inevitable, life-stealing enemy of us all, death…and he murdered it – piercing it and hanging it on the Tree of Life…Crushing it forever.

Yes, God is far from non-violent, but His rage for you is always focused through His Love for you and always against that which keeps you from being closer to Him.

Your Creator so desperately desires to save you, His child, that he unleashed the vengeance, justice, and wrath of His son upon the gates of Hell itself, in order to set you free, so you may return to where you were created to live…

…forever secured in His loving embrace.


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Mark Moore

If Jesus sends billions of people to hell to be tortured for all eternity he would definitely be the most violent man that ever lived. He would eclipse all the mass murderers, slavers and torturers put together.

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