Valentine’s Day is a day where we culturally celebrate Love. This is a good thing for our world, especially when we understand what true Love is really all about.
The real St. Valentine was a rebel priest in the early church, during the reign of the Roman Emperor Claudias. The emperor had issued an edict prohibiting the marriage of young people, believing them better served in the military. It’s important to understand that marriage of that culture was not generally accepted as the one-man/one-woman model of the growing church – it was a perversion of ethos, further degrading their collapsing empire.
However, there was now an increasing desire among the population to follow the teachings of this risen Jesus. Breaking the Roman law, St. Valentine performed weddings of young people who sought out a marriage sealed and ordained by God. This Holy union was what the Jewish Carpenter turned prophet spoke of, a covenant marriage, which reflected the love and promise of Jesus with his Church.
St. Valentine was executed for doing this…beaten, stoned, beheaded.
He gave his life so that others may know the purpose of Jesus in their lives. There is no greater love than a man can have than this.
He believed and died for The Greatest Love Story ever told…
A foretold groom is desperately in love with a seemingly unworthy woman, a widow of a related tribesman. The kinsman seeks her out and offers provision, security, redemption, and hope. Without pressure or manipulation, she listens to gently spoken wisdom and boldly lays at his feet. From that moment he will not rest until the matter is settled…Today! But the woman is, by-law committed to another. In an act of perfect mercy and unmatched humility, this kinsman redeems the unworthy bride from the bond of law; she is now bought by grace into a new life, rich in love and full of blessing. The heirs of this beautiful marriage produce hope and healing for eternity.
This is the story of love that Valentine’s Day is all about.
So today, I pray that you know that you are loved…that you know you are worthy of this love…that you know this love is pursuing you… that all you need to do to experience this unfailing love is to lay down at the pierced feet of your Kinsman Redeemer.


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