Was Jesus screwed by God?

I have a dear friend who believes that Jesus was “screwed” in having to endure the hardship and suffering of the cross. This perspective is easy to rationalize.

He was beaten and crushed for my inequities. Torn and abused, ripped to shreds, spit-on, shamed and pierced for my transgressions.

Upon him, all sin was laid – He became our total brokenness and felt the literal, physical torment of life and a brutal, torturous death.

We can look at all this in two possible ways.

That the man, Jesus, the son of God – fixed what we broke.

That Jesus came to earth on a mission of restoration – a process which ended up reconnecting us to our frustrated Father. We see Jesus as the offering of God’s sacrifice. Jesus loves us enough to endure such unimaginable pain and anguish, thus reconciling the ability for us to reconnect to our on-high God. It sucked for him, but it fixed the mess we made.

This perspective is scriptural and accurate… but I believe it is also limited and incomplete.
To look at this in such a closed-view perspective is to negate the revelation of a much grander plan of furious love – repetitively showcased in the accounts of God and His people.

It is in this passionate pursuit of love that we were allowed the freedom to become broken, knowing the cross would be the plan from before the beginning of time. If we truly believe Jesus is the Word, and the Word became flesh, and the Word is eternal, then the cross was not a fix for our broken, sinless state.

The cross and the man hung upon it is the very plan and process which all creation was made through. As such, the unbounded grace poured-out in that earthly moment literally holds the fabric of time and space together.

Jesus is perfectly aligned in relationship with the Father and Spirit and willingly, joyfully set out on the way of the cross to allow freedom and destination to collide.

In this perspective, the cross was not a correction for a fallen world, but a complex and beautiful orchestration of freedom, love, mercy, and relationship to a point of conclusion which yields an outcome of great reward for all who overcome.

Yes, the cross was painful. Yes, it was brutal. Yes, it was worth it!

Getting “screwed” implies that what you receive is well under the value of what you have given in return.

If you read the first 41 chapters of Job, you’d think, “here’s a guy who has also been screwed by God”. But when we read chapter 42, Job is fully restored and provided a life of double proportion because of his pain enduring journey. Job seemed screwed, unless we truly understand the result of his suffering – a life beyond his own measure. A life completely renewed and overflowing with blessings.

Jesus’s story is no different.

If there was no great pearl… If there was not treasure in the field… If there was no bride for the groom… Then Jesus would have been screwed.

But he said, we are worth the cross.

Jesus was not screwed; he was nailed to the tree of life. He did this for you and you are worth it!

The endurance of the crucifixion will produce for him a portion well beyond what his pain paid… He gets an eternal relationship with you. If you struggle believing so, ask your Creator to show you… He won’t let you down – Instead He will multiply your portion and perspective of love and grace, giving you a life of everlasting blessings.

So this week, dwell not on being unworthy, for you have been made blameless in the eyes of your Daddy, your sin is removed and forgotten.

You are his treasure. You are his reward.



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